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Whirly Bird

Craig Sheperd loves to fly and loves arial filming. He created a UAV that is easy to fly with cameras that are able to produce video that is used on high definition cable television programming. Like any other pilot he wants to keep his skills up. This was the reason behind creating a flight simulator in a box.



Keith Hamilton is our resident expert for Cutco products. Victory Systems was able to leverage Hans’ military experience to become the only company that is the official Cutco distributor for the federal government. Keith has over 3 years of experience with the Cutco and KA-BAR product lines.



Grotto - green, renewable and oceanic technology transfer outpost. The Global Trade GROTTO “Market access for sustainable technologies to developing and emerging markets” program is an advertising marketing, public relations and re-engineering bridge for participation in the green economy.



What does Transitional Housing BARN do? BARN provides transitional housing and intensive case management services to homeless mothers and their children for up to two years. Mothers focus on budgeting, life skills, continued education, employment, parenting, and overcoming the traumas that led to homelessness.